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Thermal Imaging Redefined

Calumino specialises in the development and design of thermal imaging sensors based on optical micro technologies. Their approach will enable completely new use cases in smart building technologies, fire detection, security and monitoring.


Universal Identity Protection

TokenOne is a cyber security software company that solves the inability of passwords and other technologies to prove the real world identity of individuals. Their unique and patented technology facilitates high value, sensitive and private business transactions that are currently very expensive or impossible for an enterprise to conduct securely online today because of business risk and legal requirements to prove a user’s identity.


Real-time space management through ambient intelligence

As workplace’s move to an open plan ‘activity based working’ environment, property managers are challenged with ensuring effective utilisation of the space. SpaceConnect allows employees to manage their desk and meeting room requirements while also automatically checking them in and out using iBeacon and Ambient Intelligence technology. For property managers, this means real-time live insights into how space is been utilised. SpaceConnect's space utilisation algorithms also predict future space requirements based on current usage and future demands.


Security activity insights for rapid response

ResponSight understands that users and their machines are usually creatures of habit, doing much the same thing for most of the time. When a breach occurs, things change rapidly – and suddenly, that machine or user account is doing things it doesn’t normally do, or has never done before. ResponSight detects potential security breaches through behavioural analytics, with no need to collect any private or sensitive data.


Never skip lunch again

HowAboutEat's goal is to help people eat great food at work and get it in the simplest way possible. Long gone are the times when we were too busy at work and had to get food from the vending machine. We want to solve that with an easy, fast and convenient way to get lunch delivered at work. We are a team of food lovers based in Sydney, building things that make people’s life easier.


Connecting companies to enable fast, accurate information sharing and supply chain transparency.

Unscrabble allows companies to connect with their suppliers and customers. When connections are made, information can be shared between the companies easily, quickly and accurately. Unscrabble simplifies the engagement processes, reduces the time it takes to gather and evaluate company information and makes it easier to keep information up to date. No more forms, emails spreadsheets and expensive portals. Unscrabble helps companies keep information up to date in a single location and streamline the access to it by your trusted connections.